Oilfield Accident

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Working in an oil field, regardless of position, poses a significantly higher risk of danger and potential for injury than most other professions. Working with such dangerous and unpredictable materials can lead to an array of oil field injuries and accidents, all of which can be preventable if the proper safety measures are put in place as they are supposed to be.

While some oil field accidents and injuries are more common than others, all instances of bodily harm are significant. Falls from oil rigs and the movement of heavy piping and other roughneck work are two of the more common, and relatively less severe, areas where oil field injury occurs.

Depending on the type of damage that is sustained, an injured oil rig employee may endure lacerations, broken bones, loss of limb, loss sight or hearing, or suffer more catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, brain damage, or even death.

In all cases where the injury is sustained, it is vital that a timely investigation is made to determine whether or not negligent behavior contributed towards the cause of the oil field accident.

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